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​Welcome To Paranormal Times Magazine
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      Well 2014 has arrived and it's going to be a great year!  We are currently accepting any personal paranormal stories you might have to share.  You or your team will get full credit for your story as well as a free copy of the magazine with your story in print.  This magazine was created to help other paranormal investigators like myself share their stories, theories, and place of interest to visit.  Not all entries will be printed.  Please make sure there is nothing offensive in your submission.  Articles can be on equipment, haunted sites, haunted businesses, and so on.  Please email any stories or articles to: 

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     Welcome to Paranormal Times Magazine.  This website and magazine we created by paranormal investigators for paranormal investigators and paranormal enthusiast to share stories, events, theories, and places of interest.  Any story or article printed is written by individuals employed by this magazine.  If any article or story appears to be copied for fictitious in any way Paranormal Times Magazine will not be held responsible.  These are simply people sharing their stories. Thank you for your support and happy haunting!
    For booth space info and ticket prices go to our paracon tab!
 For booth space and ticket info please visit our Tree of life Celebration tab
  How would you like to see your Paranormal Teams name and contact number on our site or perhaps your business?  We are currently looking for sponsors to help raise money for our special needs pageant fundraiser.  All proceeds will go to Anastajya's closet, a non-profit org. that helps provide food, clothing, and Christmas gifts for families with special needs children.  For a $10 donation we will list your team or business with your contact info for 6 months and list you as one of our special sponsors! Join us in helping to bring a smile to a special child's life!